Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Au Chocolat

mmmmm.... duck:)

crispy squid... my favorite:)

i don't really care for pork but my friend, Cathy, INSISTED i try this. not quite sure how it's spelled but here they call it cha-shu. Hong Kong's version of pork barbecue... ok... so i still don't care for pork but for cha-shu, i'll make an exception!:)

one of the interesting things we found at the mall... an exhibit of chocolate sculptures...

they were so pretty i had to take them home. i especially love the heels and the undersoles. what makes it even great is that they were on sale lucky me!:)

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  1. Awesome outfit, you look great :)

  2. AAaaaw AND Frankly glad you're "cyber back" Chère Monica !!! It would have been a Pleasure to sent you a mail BUT unfortunately I had lost your adress ("unintentionally forgetful French guy") . . .
    Warmly Hope you're Well, BUT this uber charming smile already gives me a response Dear !!!

    Amicalement, Antoine

  3. Oh my gosh. One: your outfit is AMAZING. Two: That chocolate Eiffel Tower looks delicious! I wonder what would happen if one was to eat it? Three: THOSE SHOES. Enough said! :)


  4. You look darling in the red coat!

  5. Maskenlady: thank you! you are awesome too. love your blog:)

    Antoine: i missed you!:) thank you for the sweet messages as always;)

    Melanie: you are the coolest;) i wanted to eat the eiffel tower you know... hahaha!!!:D

    Wendy: as always, i love your blog:) thanks for the comment:)